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This is not the funnest time of life to have to deal with probate, real estate holdings, wills, trusts, and all these heavy hearted tasks. It also adds another burden on you during your busy life. See what clients say about how Rhonda Fee really helps them through their stressful times: 

I had previously sold a home in Brentwood listing with another real estate company. The home stalled on the market for months as we chased the housing prices down, down and down. It was a very disappointing experience. This time I was not going to make the same mistake. I interviewed several realtors to represent me in the sale of my home. Rhonda Fee immediately stood out from the crowd. She clearly was head and shoulders above the other professionals in her field. Rhonda explained the importance of "pricing your home properly" from the get go. She also took the time to really explain the market in my area with supporting comps. I felt very comfortable with my listing price. Within a month, my home was sold! Rhonda's knowledge and professionalism I believe, make her an expert in her field.This why I offer my highest recommendation for Rhonda Fee to represent you in the sale of your home!! 


I chose Rhonda as my real estate agent and I'm so glad I did! Before her, I had 2 terrible agents. I started to think I should expect bad service from an agent. Rhonda was completely different. She's very reliable. She was honest. That's what I appreciate the most. She's not just going to hurry up and sell you a house because she wants to make a sell. (Problem that I had previously). She made sure I chose a house that my daughter and I would enjoy, and would be safe in. She also has good references if you need help finding a handyman, power washer, etc. I still keep in touch with Rhonda to this day to update her on what's going on. I will definitely run to her if I want to buy another house!

Salina M.  
John Gummadi Trulia

We were first time home buyers, had no idea about the whole real estate thing. I did lot of researching and one thing I learnt was, you need to have a reliable and trustworthy agent, and Rhonda Fee was just that. She was very honest, whom you can trust. At times she tells me to even lower my offer on the house as the rates in the area are low (even if it meant lower commission for her).She was very patient, explains all our concerns (even silly ones) patiently.She's knowledgeable, and she's got a TEAM that helped me throughout the process, like I wasn't sure where to get loan from, and she introduced with a loan agent, and worked with him while making offers (without me having to get pre-approval letters every time we make an offer). Also she helped me with home inspectors, etc., She's very responsive, she replied to our emails even after 10pm (for the appointments for the next morning). She's very good at negotiating, she takes lot of things into consideration while negotiating (and explains everything). She explained how various things like, school district, neighborhood, closer/far to freeways, etc., make difference in determining the offer price. Over all, I highly recommend her! The best thing about her is, you can trust her. Just tell your requirements and forget, she'll take care of it!

Very knowledgeable and professional. Rhonda handled all aspects of the sale, of my home, with top notch duties from photographs, flyers ( best ones I have ever seen) to step by step information on what was happening, each step of the way almost on a daily basis. She kept me stress free by explaining all paperwork and making sure things were done right. She crossed all "Ts" and dotted all "Is". I highly recommend this professional broker.


Combining a great combination of expertise and communication, Rhonda provides excellent service for her clients. I for one was impressed with her resilience and willingness to go the extra mile. If you are looking for a real estate professional who can make it happen, then Rhonda is your go to agent!.

SJ Danville 

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